Mom Delivers Triplets After Years of Infertility

A mom in Glen Allen, Virginia gave birth to healthy triplets, after years of infertility, and being told by a doctor to possibly abort one of her children.

42-year-old Christy Beck and her husband Ryan were having trouble conceiving. So, they consulted with doctors who ultimately concluded Christy wasn’t producing enough eggs.

After months of medications, and eventually spending $30,000.00 on an IVF treatment, Christy and Ryan were finally pregnant.

At 12 weeks, they found out they were expecting triplets. That same day, the doctor informed them that their best option for two of their babies’ survival, was to abort one of the twins.

“We literally looked at each other and were like no way,” said Christy.

On April 6, 2018, three healthy babies, two identical twin girls and a boy, were brought into this world.

The babies were two months early, and spent the first few weeks of their lives in the NICU.

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