Paul McCartney admits he FORGETS The Beatles’ songs as there are ‘too many’… and has to relearn the lyrics before every performance

Sir Paul McCartney has revealed he relearns his widely-recognized tracks as he often forgets his chart-topping hits.

The Beatles legend, 76, insisted there are ‘too many’ songs to remember in an interview with 60 Minutes, shortly before preparing for his Freshen Up concert tour.

He admitted: ‘When I’m doing shows I listen to a lotta music, Beatles music, Wings music, to see what ones we’re gonna do. And to learn them.’

Surprised by his remarks, the interviewer asked whether he often forgets his tracks, to which the Yesterday singer responded: ‘There’s too many. Too many words. Too many notes. They’re very hard. I mean, you know, it’s not like they’re all three chords.’

The singer, who boasts a whopping 25 studio albums, also claimed his bandmate John Lennon only ever complimented his work once during their heyday.

The star revealed that the Imagine hitmaker praised his songwriting ability on just one track from their hit album Revolver.

He shared: ‘It was Here, There and Everywhere. John says just as it finishes, “That’s a really good song, lad. I love that song” and I’m like, “Yes! He likes it!”

The duo often acted as songwriting partners during the Beatles heyday, and of their working relationship McCartney said they were quite ‘competitive’ with one another.

He explained: ‘Not openly, but we – we later admitted, “Yeah, you know, so Paul’s written a good one there, I better get going.” And I would similarly, “Hmm, that’s a bit good, right, here we go, come on.”

‘If he’d have written Strawberry Fields, I would write Penny Lane, you know, and it’s – he’s remembering his old area in Liverpool, so I’ll remember mine.’

While Lennon only gave him one compliment, McCartney admitted he would often sing his bandmate’s praises when he’d had too much to drink because ‘you’d normally have to be a little drunk’ to do it.

Speaking to GQ of their writing process in September, Paul said: ‘We never came away from a writing session dry.

‘No matter how many hours we spent together writing, we always came away with songs.’

The Beatles member added that he was often accused of being the one that broke the band up in 1970 and that the group had terrible relationships.

However, when looking back at pictures of the four of them he said he is reminded of how happy the group actually was.

McCartney returned to where his music career began in July with a headline gig at Liverpool’s Cavern Club – more than six decades after the band first took to the stage.

The legendary musician sent fans into a frenzy as he rocked out onstage during the exclusive gig, held at the famous venue on Mathew Street, Liverpool at 2pm.

Fans went wild as he worked his way through a 24 song two hour set list at the venue which included Love Me Do, Get Back, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, Helter Skelter and Lady Madonna.

The musician also recently released his 18th solo studio album, Egypt Station.

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