Furious mother reveals a bride is demanding ‘nice’ gifts

A furious wedding guest has slammed a bride for demanding ‘nice’ presents – despite getting married abroad in an exotic location.

Mumsnet user ‘Brownieb’ took to the British parenting website to ask other parents for advice on whether she should buy a gift, revealing she will already have to fork out £1,000 for flights and accommodation for the two-week extravaganza.

Explaining the wedding means her family will not be able to afford to go away again that year, the angry mother admitted she felt ‘forced’ to attend as it was a family do.

And users quickly sympathised with the woman, with the majority arguing her presence alone should be enough of a gift.

Explaining her dilemma on the site, she wrote: ‘We are going to a wedding abroad next year and it has been hinted we are expected to buy a “nice” wedding present – I feel that we shouldn’t have to.

‘Mainly I think this because the couple have chosen to go abroad, they have chosen a very expensive time of the year, we have a young child and the destination will be too hot for them to go outside in the day for any length of time.’

She added: ‘We don’t want to go to this country for our holiday anyway because it’s just somewhere you lay by the pool.

‘Now we can’t afford a holiday of our own because this wedding will cost over £1000 just for flights and accommodation, that’s after find our own cheaper option. We have no annual leave left after this (two week!) wedding either.

The mother concluded: ‘The couple haven’t paid for anything for their own wedding and then got angry we didn’t want to pay to stay on their resort as they wanted the ‘free gifts’ available if you get enough guests.’

And angry users quickly expressed their sympathy for the mother, with many arguing that she shouldn’t attend the wedding at all.

One wrote: ‘I’d say that attending is is lieu of a wedding present as you’ve gone above and beyond to attend anyway (presumably they know what you’ve told us?). You’ve already upset them, so a bit more upset won’t hurt.’

Another suggested giving them a card, while some even argued that she should not attend and buy her a generous gift instead.

‘I honestly wouldn’t go,’ one wrote. ‘I’d buy them a very ‘nice’ present, and set it against the cost of the ridiculous holiday summons. They can hardly complain about you not going to the wedding if you’ve given them a generous gift.’


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