Baby’s christening goes wrong

A family was looking forward to giving God thanks for their bundle of joy in a christening service that was arranged with a church in St James, but what was supposed to be a happy moment soon turned sour.

According to the grandmother, the parents were chastised by the pastor for having a child out of wedlock.

The grandmother, Mary Brown* told THE STAR that arrangements were made by the family for christening to take place on April 13, as it could not be done during church hours.

“First of all, he (pastor) said that he does not christen babies on Sundays during his church services, so we had to select a different day. We agreed that a Saturday would be best, as everyone was off work. He walked in, dressed in his gown and carried nothing at all in his hands at 10:15 a.m. and walked past us without even greeting us … no good morning or anything. In fact, the first thing he said was that him nuh know why he’s there on a Saturday because it’s his rest day,” she said.

She told THE STAR that her son, who is the father of the child, said that the pastor asked them why they had a baby out of wedlock and why would they bring the baby in the church knowing that they are sinners.
“He even asked if we were still having sex and said that we are trying to cover our sins by christening the baby, and said: ‘If him did know seh a dis him wouldn’t leave him yard’,” the child’s father said.

THE STAR tried to get a comment from the pastor, but we were told that he was not interested in responding to the allegations.

The woman, who answered the phone at the church, said that they are aware of what was being said, but they will not comment on it.

Livid and disappointed, Brown revealed that the parents of the child, who are in a low place because of the dreadful encounter, are taking the necessary steps to have their baby appropriately christened at another institution.

“They were there for about half an hour, then we noticed that he just put his hand over the baby and prayed a prayer we couldn’t hear. He did not touch the baby, not once,” she said.

She said the baby’s mother tried to tell the pastor that she brought a prayer that she wrote, he responded by saying: “You cannot pray for anyone, only yourself, because God doesn’t answer the prayers of a sinner.”

Brown said the mother was also told that they would be going to hell unless they come to his church for him to pray for them.

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