Police searching for suspect in brutal murder

Police have launched a manhunt for a suspect who used an axe to kill a 57-year-old woman and then set her body alight, while also injuring her daughter, who has since been hospitalised.

Police said Cecilia Robinson-Lawrence was killed and the daughter severely injured following an invasion of their home on Monday and that the suspect, is known to the family and law enforcers. The police have called on the suspect to turn himself in.

Media reports said that the unidentified daughter was unconscious after she too was hit on the head with the axe.

Neighbours who reported seeing fire coming from the home called the fire department and the police and Robinson’s partially burnt body was found during the operations.

A senior policeman said that the dead woman had no underwear when she was found and that they are awaiting the results of the autopsy to determine whether she was also raped

The police said her feet and hands were also bound behind her.

Meanwhile, National Security Minister, Dr Horace Chang, is seeking to re-assure the public that interpersonal violence, particularly domestic violence, continues to be a top priority for the ministry and the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF).

“We urge the public to fully embrace the ministry’s anti-violence campaign – LIV GUD, which, among other things, seeks to promote better conflict resolution and early intervention in some of these domestic matters,” Chang said in a statement, while also condemning the murder of eight-year-old primary school student, Galen Buchanan, whose body was found floating in the Kingston Harbour last week.

“The murder of a child is not only gruesome, but it is also a callous act of cowardice. Attacks on children are heartless, brazen and a complete violation of the sanctity of life. Children are innocent,” Chang said, amidst allegations that Galen was abducted and killed following a domestic dispute between his mother and her ex-partner.


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