Update On Barbadian Community In Wuhan, China

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade has been monitoring the situation regarding the coronavirus outbreak centering on the city of Wuhan in China.

The Barbados Embassy in Beijing has been in contact with the Barbadian community in China and in particular those students who are in Wuhan.

All of the students in Wuhan who are registered with the Embassy have been contacted directly and have reported that they are in good health and they are following the instructions issued by the university authorities.

In fact, Barbados’ Ambassador in Beijing, François Jackman, is in touch with the students on a daily basis. The students report that they have been staying indoors and leaving only to source supplies.

They are in contact with each another, the Embassy and the Barbadian community in China through messaging apps and social media.

The Ministry will continue to monitor the situation closely in coordination with the authorities of the People’s Republic of China in order that the safety of the Barbadian community in China is ensured.


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