Yoko Ono, 87, is ‘slowing down’ and needs 24-hour care

Yoko Ono has ‘definitely slowed down’ and needs 24-hour care but ‘is still as sharp as she once was’, according to a friend who has known her for half a century.

Since 2017 the 87-year-old has often been seen outside in wheelchairs and she now rarely leaves her nine-room apartment in The Dakota, New York City.

But Elliot Mintz told The New York Post Ono’s mind is still crystal clear and she invites her son Sean for dinner up to three times a week.

‘Sean is her best friend,’ he said. ‘She has definitely slowed down, like anyone at that age, but she is as sharp as she once was.’

Ono had Sean, 44, with the Beatles frontman John Lennon in 1975, but also has daughter Kyoko from a previous marriage to film producer Anthony Cox.

Kyoko, 56, was taken away from her at the age of eight when, two years after their 1969 divorce, Cox won custody and took Kyoko with him to live in a Christian Fundamentalist commune.

The mother and daughter were reunited a decade later, shortly after Lennon was assassinated by Mark David Chapman in front of The Dakota on December 8, 1980.

Mintz last saw Ono at her 87th birthday party in February – when more than 30 guests, including singer Cyndi Lauper and Rolling Stone magazine co-founder Jann Wenner, gathered at Bar Wayo at the South Street Seaport.

He said Ono was ‘a particularly special being’ who had packed 400 years into her 87-year life.

Ono was born into a Tokyo banking family in 1933 and suffered through the Second World War. Her family faced starvation and bartered household items for food amid the Allied bombing raids.

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