Britain’s oldest Covid-19 survivor reveals her secrets for a long life

Britain’s oldest coronavirus survivor has revealed that her secrets to staying healthy are eating an orange a day and ‘counting your blessings’.

Angela Hutor, who turned 107 last week, has lived through both World Wars and the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918.

She caught Covid-19 in April and almost died. Her daughter was called in her to say her final goodbyes during her stint in hospital.

But Mrs Hutor puts her survival down to counting her blessings and ‘a fresh orange every day — cut into quarters, not juiced’.

She added that she urges her family and friends to keep calm and occupied, and is adamant that Britain ‘will get through this’.

Mrs Hutor was born in Italy before she moved to Cannes in France and then London when she was eight years old.

While talking about the Spanish Flu pandemic, she said: ‘We just went on as usual. People went to work and carried on as best they could. Not like today, we just carried on. No masks.’

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