Joan Collins Gets ‘Yelled At’ By French Police For Using Plastic Visor Instead Of Face Mask

Actress Dame Joan Collins was “yelled at” by police in France after ditching her face mask for an illegal plastic visor during a trip to Ikea.

In her column for Spectator, the 87-year-old “Dynasty” star, who has been holidaying in St. Tropez, said she was “pounced upon” when an official spotted her wearing a clear, plastic visor rather than a face mask, which has been mandatory in indoor public spaces in France since 21 July.

Joan explained she finds it easier to breathe in than a mask, but still incurred the wrath of law enforcement.

“An officious gendarme became deeply offended by it, and while I was mulling over the benefits of Ikea’s gravadlax vs its smoked salmon, he pounced,” she wrote.

“Gesticulating in Gallic fashion, he yelled at me to put on a proper mask, because visors aren’t legal. Chastised, I slunk away, muttering an Anglo-Saxon expletive under my breath, which, as he glared at me, I feared he might have understood.”

“The Royals” star continued, “I then tried wearing a clear plastic face mask, of the sort which all the staff at the Byblos were wearing, but although it was easier to speak and to be understood, it forced my face into a hideous rictus.”

In May, the British star criticized the U.K. government for being “ageist” to those over the age of 70 amid the ongoing crisis.

Joan, who described herself as “stunningly healthy,” claimed government advice saying elderly people needed to stay indoors during the global pandemic was “utter discrimination.”

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